Here Goes Nothing!

I’ve contemplated for about a year now starting a blog. I finally got the courage to do just that. I hope to share with you who are reading the insights of just a normal guy, living a somewhat normal life. A life of faith, conviction, and just day to day struggles, oh and the rather eclectic oddities that I find myself dabbling in from time to time.

There is not much to me. I’m a minister, husband, student, bookworm, a struggler of same-sex-attraction, and more. In 2018, I dare to say that I’m normal. Oh, I forgot, I live in the Bible Belt of America. So, normal? Maybe. Maybe not. That’ll be for you to decide.

Let’s talk life. Let’s talk life without holding anything back. One of the greatest disservices we can do to one another is to fail at communicating. Let’s be honest. Let’s be truthful!

For over a year now, I battled weather or not I should even write, but the time is right and the time is now!

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